Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A flock of seagulls

Wrote this on August 28, 2008, evidently the night after I wrote this blog about 80s music and my kids:

Tonight (August 28, 2008) after bath and puttin’-on-pajama time for both kids, I was on my computer.  I was looking for some of the 80s songs I had heard at the Regeneration Tour 2008 concert (again, note that this website is for this year's tour), free-streaming versions simply so I could listen to them.  On Amazon, I found a “Best of AFOS” (A Flock of Seagulls) CD or something like that.  Went through some of the song snippets from this album on Amazon and discovered that a song I could not remember at the time is called “Space Age Love Song”.  Then I began looking for a website through which I could listen to some of these 80s songs in their entirety (entireties??).

I ended up on YouTube (go figure ... doesn't the whole world end up on YouTube at one point or another???).  Searched for “Space Age Love Song”, but played the video for “I Ran” instead.  Li'l D was standing next to me, watching the video and jamming with the song.  Next song/video I played was, I think, Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Right Round” (you know, like a record, right round ... and I did get the title just slightly wrong).  By this time, Li'l A had walked up and began jamming next to me as well.  She looked up and said “I want up” (2-year-old speak).  So I picked her up and put her on my right knee.  Li'l D, seeing this, of course wanted “up” too, so I picked him up and put him on my left knee.  Next song/video up was “Space Age Love Song”.  As this played I began humming along quietly and bobbing my head from side to side in rhythm to the song.  The song has a great, and very simple, melody.  After several seconds, both kids quietly began humming along and bobbing their heads as well, although I don’t believe that either one of them was really on key or, for that matter, on rhythm.  But who cares?  There we were, the three of us sitting at my desk, humming along to this really cool 1980s song, our three heads bobbing up and down and side to side in rhythm (or sort of close to it).  Laura turned around from her computer and I heard her giggle a bit at the sight.  We seem to do that to her every so often.

It was another nice moment.

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