Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The guy who saw my wife's naughty bits

My Dad-in-law retired (sort of) last week.  So his office compatriots threw him a small retirement (sort of) party.  It was hosted at one of their houses.  We went in and met a few people.  One of the men looked slightly familiar to us.  My wife turned to me and whispered "Isn't that the doc who delivered Li'l D?"  I looked at him and said "Mmm hmm, I think so."  So she asked if he was an OB, or GYN, or whichever of those female doctor-types that delivers babies.  He said "Yes, I used to, but I am now retired."  Smiles and pleasantries and all through the rest of the evening.

My wife's sister was there also, and this same doctor also delivered her first daughter.

But knowing that there was another man there who had seen my wife's naughty bits, let alone my sister-in-law's naughty bits, even professionally (which could itself go several ways, but this was as a doctor, not as a "John") was kinda strange.

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